Tickets for Grateful Dead Festival
Mexicali Live

The band will be playing at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ on April 9, 8:00 PM. Buy some tickets! Spread the word! Here's links:


Early Festivals

The festival season is starting early for the Magnolia Street String Band.

The band will be playing a short set at the Wilmington Wintergrass Festival on March 20. This festival is said to be a really fun one.

The band will also be playing a full set on the main stage at the New Jersey Folk Festival on April 25th. Admission is free. It's a great festival. Come on out.

Summer Updates

Hi all. The band is busy this summer. We're playing a bunch of county fairs and such in late July and August. Come on out and see us. We've got great looking t-shirts for sale and lots of new material we've been working up. We also hope to have some new recorded material soon. We're planning to get some recordings with the full new lineup sometime within the next month or so. Keep an eye out.

Bucks County Bluegrass Festival